Close Protection

The primary objective of a Close Protection Operator (CPO) is to ensure their Principle (Client) is kept safe from any unwanted attention or physical harm. It is vital for all CPO’s to remain vigilant and ready to react to any arising situation before it ever affects the client or their reputation in any way.

Threats can come from a wide range of sources depending on the client’s status, public profile or geographical location. Threat levels will always vary for each client, as no two people are the same. Depending on the client’s situation and circumstances these threats may come in the form of stalkers, over enthusiastic fans, to more serious concerns such as kidnapping and ransom, political opponents or even terrorist organisations.

Iron Crest Protection will conduct a full extensive threat and risk assessment for you prior to any engagement. This enables us to give you an honest and accurate security report outlining the type of protection detail that will best suit your needs and concerns. Iron Crest Protection takes every scenario into account. In the unlikely event of a situation arising, we have emergency security protocols in place that have been tried and tested operationally to secure you within in minutes, eliminating any harm or risk to you.


  • Royal Families
  • Foreign Dignitaries
  • Diplomats and Politicians
  • High-Profile / HNW Business people operating in potentially hostile places around the globe
  • Legal Professionals, such as Barristers, Judges and Prosecutors
  • Sports, Music, Film and TV Celebrities, and their families

As we have a select client base, we have taken every step to ensure you receive the best in front line Close Protection. Therefore our CPO’s are carefully handpicked, they conform to the Security Industry Authority (SIA) licencing criteria and conform to BS 8507-1:2008 code of practice, services within the United Kingdom. Our operators possess unique skillsets which they have gained through years of service within the British Military or Police service.


  • SO1 – Specialist Protection
  • SO14 – Royalty Protection
  • SCO19 – Specialist Firearms Unit
  • UK Special Forces – SAS, SBS
  • Royal Marines Commandos
  • RMP CPU – Royal Military Police Close Protection Unit

These units are revered as the best in the world. Our operators have extensive industry qualifications and decades of knowledge between them. They continually develop their skills remaining firmly ahead of the competition, ready to protect you at a moment’s notice.

If you are experiencing difficulties, have some problem areas within your business or personal life you would like to have addressed or you are simply looking at hiring Close Protection services for the first time, contact us to discuss your requirements. Alternatively complete our enquiry form and we will get back to you.

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